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Great music, needs the best equipment to play out of. All of our speakers, subs and mixers are of the Yorkville brand. We have purchased all of our music equipment locally at Northland Music, here in Sault Ste. Marie, on Queen Street. Our equipment is serviced regularly by the music professionals at Northland, and is one of the keys to a great sounding event! You deserve the best, so that's why we have it!


Planning your big day, can be very stressful. You want everything to go perfect. Trust me...we've been there! With Masi, you will receive an in depth consultation, outlining the entire day, ensuring that even the small things you didn't think about - are now being thought about. Come to our office, and sit down with us over a glass of wine, cup of coffee, or anything in between. Let's work together to ensure your day, is nothing short of magical. 


To make sure your party isn't dull, we have a top of the line Chauvet lighting system. From solid colors, to synchronized light shows to match the beat of the music being played. This lighting system will sure keep your guests happy, and their feet moving.


No one wants to be hooked up to wires anymore. We have nearly eliminated wired phones, so why would you want to be trying to give a speech , tied down to a patch chord? We offer top quality microphones powered by Samson, to give you a great sounding voice, while having the ability to wander while you talk. 


iTunes is a great platform, that we use to purchase our music legally. However, when we are playing live, we don't play off of iTunes. In fact, we use a top end DJ platform by SeratoDJ, to ensure that all of your songs are mixed properly without any gaps between each track. 


We get it - Sault Ste. Marie has a wide variety of venues to host your event at - both indoor and outdoor. We are familiar with setup in all venues in Sault Ste. Marie, and are equipped to set up outdoor on personal properties or golf courses. As long as there is a power source available, we are ready to hit PLAY.


Would you hire someone to come and play music from iTunes or YouTube? Probably not. We legally purchase our music off of iTunes, but play our music through the appropriate DJ Software. With that, we are licensed through the AVLA of Canada, to play copy-written music to crowds. This means, you are not only getting the real music, with top quality sound, but we are legally allowed to play it for you! We are also licensed in the Province of Ontario as a legally operating business. 


Everyone wants to feel secure when booking a vendor for an event. We have contracts for those who are interested in hiring Masi. The contracts are standard, and are a way to not only protect us as a business, but to make you as the customer feel secure and safe when investing in us. To book us, a signed contract and a minimum deposit is required.